JJR-579 was an Imperial Stormtrooper that was active serving aboard Grand Moff Tarkin's personal star destroyer over the planet Mustafar in 5 BBY.

History Edit

Onboard Sovereign Edit

JJR-579 was one of many Imperial Stormtroopers that was stationed aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer, Sovereign, the personal flagship of Grand Moff Tarkin. He worked as an security unit, working in the ship's hangers.

Encounter with the Rebellion Edit

During the early stages of the Rebellion against the Empire, JJR-579, would take part in the Battle above Mustafar, during which JJR-579 and JTN-303 would witness a Rebel TIE Fighter enter the hanger bay before the rebels launched their attack on Tarkin's star destroyer. It is unknown if he escaped the ship before it was destroyed above Mustafar.