Imperial Supercommandos were Mandalorians who fought for the Galactic Empire, wearing modified stormtrooper armor to better show their affliction to the Empire.

History Edit

The most notable group of Mandalorian stormtroopers was one squadron led by Mandalorian Gar Saxon, a former member of Death Watch. This unit of Supercommandos, in particular, would be used by the Galactic Empire as a means of eliminating any rogue or rebellious Mandalorian clans that were either supporting resistance against the Empire or acting out against the Empire itself.

Of course, the Supercommando leader, Gar Saxon, would use these orders to his advantage, using it as an excuse to eliminate rivals to his personal Mandalorian clan of Clan Saxon, as seen with the Supercommando's actions against the Mandalorian Protectors and the members of Clan Wren. It is unknown if the Imperial Supercommandos continued service in the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps after the start of the Galactic Civil War, as a majority of Supercommandos were killed along with Gar Saxon during the assault against Clan Wren In which Sabine Wren activated the “duchess” blowing up a star destroyer with the Supercommandos inside