FN-2199, nicknamed Nines, was an First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper who was active serving in the FN Stormtrooper Corps, before he was killed during the Battle of Takodana.

History Edit

Early Training Edit

FN-2199 was, as a child, kidnapped by the agents of the First Order and trained from a young age to gain a undying loyalty to the First Order and it's military. He would be trained as an strict and powerful First Order Stormtrooper and would eventually be identified as an very loyal and skilled soldier of the First Order, allowing him to begin training under the First Order Captain Phasma in the FN Stormtrooper Corps.

FN Corps Edit

After training for years under the First Order and becoming a member of the FN Corps, FN-2199, would excel in his combat training under Captain Phasma and would gain the nickname, Nines, from his fellow FN stormtroopers. During his trainings, Nines would become a First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper, and become a skilled swordsmen with his Riot baton.

Battle of Takodana Edit

During the First Order- Resistance conflict, Nines would be sent with Kylo Ren and a division of stormtroopers to the planet Takodana to confront members of The Resistance who were rumored to be on the planet. During this battle, Nines fought against some of the pirates that were on the planet before he confronted a rogue Stormtrooper, FN-2187 outside the ruins of Maz Kanata's temple on the planet. This would result in a duel between Nines and FN-2187, nicknamed Finn, before Nines would be shot and killed by Han Solo.